SANAE 47 visits SAAF 22 Squadron

During our team training we had the opportunity to visit the South African Air Force’s 22 Squadron, at Ysterplaat AFB in Cape Town.  Below is a photo of the team with some of the Ysterplaat personnel, including the chaplain who will be accompanying the summer expedition.

Team Photo with Oryx

(SANAE 47 Overwintering Team in bold)  Cockpit, left to right:  Daleen Koch (International Polar Yeat Scientist), Santjie du Toit (Meteorologist).  Standing, left to right:  Anton van Zyl (Mechanical Engineer), Richard Duncan (Diesel Mechanic), Neels Fourie (Diesel Mechanic), Gerhard Laubscher (Communications/Electronic Engineer), Kobus de Lange (SAAF Chaplain), Morgan O’Kennedy (Cosmic Ray Scientist), Melanie Smit (SAAF Chaplain), Francois Visser (SAAF Oryx Pilot).  Crouching, left to right:  Saziso Nginda (Electrical Engineer), Llewellyn Kriedemann (HF Radar Scientist), Ross Hofmeyr (Leader/Doctor)

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