Ross is Back!

Ross docked at roughly 9am this morning (2nd), he should put up a post soon. At the moment he’s taking time to listen to birds and stare at trees… Here is a photo that i didn’t upload with the previous post.

A beautiful view of the Akademik Federov

A beautiful view of the Akademik Federov


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2 Responses to “Ross is Back!”

  1. inc.ryan Says:

    welcome back to the land of the living though the concept of life has changed! it was awesome to follow your travelling experience, and though SA shall be slighly more trivial in the human concept, i hope you keep it up, merely with changed scenary. m

  2. gregh Says:

    Hi Dr Rosjs
    could you please help me
    I conceived and helped build a solid brass Sun Dial which was send to Sanae about 5 years ago
    due to the annual team change I lost contact with the base
    and therfore also with the sundial
    could you let me know @ if the Dial still stands
    @ the Sanae Base ?
    the team leader of the team that helped me to achieve the goal of setting up the Sundial was Beneke De Wit ( sanae 43)
    i do thank you for your trouble in advance
    greg Hogan

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