Breaking the silence

As is so readily apparent, I have been very silent since returning from Antactica.  For this I apologise.

Life moved swiftly on; I still have had precious time to dwell on the experience and what it means to have been and returned.  I think of Frank Hurley’s words after the epic adventure he endured with Shackleton: “After the vastness of Antarctica, civilisation seemed somewhat empty“.  I miss the ice, and look forward to returning, but life is not empty by any means.  On my return I was offered and accepted a fantastic job in anesthetics and critical care at a great trauma and emergency hospital; I’m back to flying my glider at every opportunity; the mountains and sea are just where I left them and begging for attention.  Life is good.

I will be trying to continue writing and photographing and putting it up for perusal on another blog – – until I amhead south for the summer.  Yes, I’m going back (more briefly, mom!).  Details to follow…

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