Photo gallery is online!

The glassy becalmed sea Cargo aboard the foredeck of the SA Agulhas Ice forever

I’ve been wrestling for some time to get an uber-cool photo gallery to work on the blog, but have run into many snags. Not willing to give up, I now bring my own gallery online. Click the link to the right to go through to the gallery page. There’s lots there, including:

  • Plenty of as-yet-unseen images of the voyage down, including characters aboard the ship, Bouvet Island and the pack ice (pictures of penguins and seals to follow soon, by popular demand)
  • For the medics, some pictures of the hospital and theatre aboard the SA Agulhas
  • More mugshots of the team
  • More images from the base and surrounds

I’ll be adding content over the next few days, so pop in whenever you have a chance.

Professor Thomas Harms Albatross, glliding forever over the South Atlantic Dominic Wills

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  1. Henning Says:

    Hi Ross, Henning from Titan, trust all is well with everybody! We are thinking of you guys and pray for your safety and well being. We are all well and are hard at work on our other voyages to Marion and Gough, and then to fetch you guys. So enjoy and God Bless – Henning

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