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A Dinghy for the Drake

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Lots of interest brewing about our October expedition, with most people not quite getting the idea. To dispel some of the confusion…

  • Yes, it’s a private, self-funded expedition whose primary goal is that we have a holiday…doing some research along the way.  Isn’t that how everybody relaxes?
  • Yes, we really are going to be as close to carbon-neutral as you can get for flying half way around the world – we are pulling sleds with wind and man-power (and woman power).
  • Yes, we will be camping.  Refer to my comments about how everyone relaxes.
  • No, we are not going on a cruise ship – we are using the wind and taking a yacht down to the ice.

For your interest and edification, here is some info about the Golden Fleece, the yacht we will be using.

Golden Fleece at South Georgia. Photo by Ryan Holiday,

Next project in the press

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Our next project has been getting some positive attention in the US press…

Click here to read the article courtesy of the Billings Gazette

Snow Hill Island is here:

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The weather forecast can be found here 😉
Watch this space for more info to follow in the next few months.

New photos and photo news…

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I’ve been putting up more of my Antarctic images (along with other photographs, too) on my ‘general’ blog, You can link through to the Photography page here, or go to the homepage and click the photography tag to see other posts.

A new and exciting development: have approached me to make my photographs available to customers worldwide! You can now select, interactively frame and order prints online via their interface. Check it out!