Current Weather & Sunlight

Despite having world-class weather monitoring equipment here at SANAE, which is continuously logging to computer, I haven’t been clever enough to get a live weather feed set up for this webpage. Nonetheless, the SANAE data is integrated into the South African Weather Service Database at regular intervals, and one can pull that from the web. Check the most recently updated info below – the last update time stamp is on the top right – but remember, we are operating on Greenwich Mean Time.

Clicking either box will take you to the Weather Underground site. Note that the ‘forecast’ provided is not from our Met office, and may not be that accurate.

The image below is an hourly projection of the current areas of sunlight and darkness, combined with 3-hourly satellite weather images, giving you a pretty accurate idea of what the planet looks like right now. SANAE IV is right in the middle of Antarctica in this projection, directly south of Africa. Our sunrise and sunset times are pretty close to the Wunderground calculations above, although we get a few more minutes of light because of being ‘above’ the horizon – remember that Vesleskarvet is a mountain rising up through the ice sheet.  See a bigger image by clicking here – you can also see a more realistic spherical projection (although it doesn’t show Antarctica as completely) by clicking here.

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