Photo Gallery

I’m busy working on a more formalised gallery plug-in for the blog, but in the meantime please enjoy this miscellany of photographs. Hover your mouse for a brief description, or click on the image for a larger view. Most are my own photographs, but I’ve added credits at the bottom for others. Enjoy!

Southbound Voyage

20071204-interview.jpg 20071204-sanae47.jpg 20071204_setting_sail.jpg

Table Bay, Cape Town and Table Mountain, as the ship leaves the harbour Cargo aboard the foredeck of the SA Agulhas Ross with Table Mountain receeding in the backgroundâ?¦ yes, thatâ??s a copy of Amundsenâ??s â??Race to the South Poleâ?

The unmistakable Lotter Kock, again Dominic Wills Muster Station aboard the SA Agulhas after dark

The glassy becalmed sea Becalmed abstract Hundreds of prions (small seabirds) skimming the glassy sea in front of the Agulhas

Fixing position using a sextant Paul Llewellyn.  Heâ??s just legendary. Professor Thomas Harms Sailing south into the sunset

Albatross, glliding forever over the South Atlantic

Hospital aboard the SA Agulhas

The three-bed hospital aboard the SA Agulhas, showing the oxygen bank and digital x-ray machine Pharmacy in the shipâ??s hospital The consulting room and theatre aboard the SA Agulhas

Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island Panorama Bouvet, â??bergs and birds Seagull off Bouvet Island

Biologist Greg Hofmeyr, a core member of the Bouvet Island team Martin Bieu, leader of the Bouvet Island research team Petrus Kritzinger, expedition medic extraudinare Kamov helicopter sits ready to lift the team and equipment to Bouvet as soon as the rain stops

Kamov preparing to lift containers to Bouvet Lifting more than three tons of equipment off the Agulhas to Bouvet Island Neroya, the site of the research expedition camp.  The Kamov is _just_ visible in the centre of the picture

Pintardo Petrelâ?¦ one of my favourite Southern Ocean birds Inquisitive fur seals out to inspect the ship

Into the Ice

First sea ice, at 58° S Misty day in the pack ice Into The Pack

Ice forever Beware the Russain Ray-Ban Mafia

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

King Neptuneâ??s Blessing A taste of Neptuneâ??s Medicine

Ice Shelf

The beautiful sculpted ice shelfâ?¦ the edge of Antarctica Ice Shelf at Blaskimen Bukta

SANAE 47 Team Mugshots

Ross Hofmeyr in the field Gerhard Laubscher, Electronic Engineer Santjie du Toit Saziso Nginda getting to grips with abseiling Llewellyn Kriedemann Morgan Oâ??Kennedy Daleen Koch Anton in his firefighting gear Richard Duncan Anton van Zyl  Saziso Nginda Morgan shows us where his strength comes from ;) Daleen in her BondiBlue shades Morgan Oâ??Kennedy Richard Duncan tries mountaineering Neels Fourie


Aerial view of Vesleskarvet from the south SANAE IV viewed from above the northern buttress FirstSunset View South

Field Training

Ice Climbing in the Windscoop at Knotten intotheblue.jpg 20080119-crevasseabseil.jpg fosterscrevasse.jpg Lorentzenpiggen

Antarctic Science

SANAE VLF Antenna Dave Hedding and Jen Lee retrieving data from a ground thermal logger

Neumayer Station

Garage area under the ice at Neumayer II 20080122-neumayer.jpg 20080122-jurgen.jpg 20080122-neumayertheatre.jpg

Troll Station

The Norwegian Antarctic Research Station, Troll The view from the living quarters at Troll

The author poses at Troll Station The hospital at Troll Station

The Great White Desert

Juttelstraumen Glacier from the air

Heavy Weather

The author poses outside the base during a blizzard Working outside to dig open the snow smelter during heavy weather


Additional photo credits to: Lauren & Damon Foster, Sherry Bremner, Santjie du Toit, Gerhard Laubscher and Jen Lee. (If I’ve left you out please let me know…)