Real-time SANAE Geomagnetic Data

The Hermanus Magnetic Observatory, one of the institutions with on-going research projects here at SANAE IV, has recently been made the (ISES) Regional Warning Centre for Africa.  As part of this initiative, the magnetic data collected here (and at other sites) is available online in real time via their web-page,  By using the drop-down lists (see picture above) you can select for the SANAE data, which is updated every 5 minutes.  A large and sharp drop in the magnetic field is usually accompanied by an aurora.  In the graph below, you can see that there was a drop of almost 300 nanoTesla in the total magnetic field last night, just after midnight.  This is the typical time, as we swing furtherest from the sun and the ‘tail’ of the planet’s magnetic field passes overhead.

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