April SANAE 47 Newsletter

The April newsletter for the team is available here online – click the link to go to the PDF file. Enjoy

SANAE 47 Newsletter – April 2008

Spindrift (fine particles of ice and snow) form ethereal shifting patterns known as \'snowsnakes\' as they are blown across the landscape

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  1. Leyla Says:

    Hey there Ross.

    Wow, I can’t believe that you’ll be without sunshine for 2 months…grrr, it sounds awful. I’ll send you a sunbed in the post, together with some crackers and cheese to put your olives on. Ah if only.

    I just visited my mum in Australia, and it does cause me distress that even though the world has been brought closer by technology, everything is still so very far away.

    The pictures that you have taken are amazing! It’s so nice to get such informative feedback from such an isolated place.

    You take care

    Luv Leyla

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